SURIVIVAL FOOD: Mainstay™ Food Rations- 3/14/12

As many of you know, Stateside Man Goods is expanding its product line of Survival/Emergency/Medical items.  We have already added a few items within the past couple of weeks.  Our latest addition is the MainstayFood Ration, which comes in three sizes: 1200 (calorie), 2400, and 3600.

At Stateside Man Goods, we take pride in offering products that are considered top-of-the-line in their respective categories.  While we are working on securing additional survival food items for our product line, Mainstaywas a top choice as we began to expand.



Survivor Industries, Inc. has been the forerunner in the emergency preparedness field for the past 20 years, since its inception in September 1983. Its founder, Howard Wallace, began the company from his experience and expertise while working with both private and governmental agencies over a 25 year period. Survivor Industries has developed with the welcomed assistance of accredited professionals and actual survivalists. The goal is the ability to sustain individuals or groups of people who may be cut off from support services for whatever reason, and who must rely on themselves and the materials around them until outside help arrives, or until they are able to better their situation. 


  • 5 year shelf life
  • Non-thirst provoking
  • Ready to eat.  Each package contains pre-measured 400 calorie meals.
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals exceeding the RDA requirements.
  • Pleasant lemon flavor which appeals to everyone. 
  • Individualized portions eliminate the messy breaking-up that occurs with other bars
  • Allows for on-land emergency consumption in a high stress active situation.
  • Contains no cholesterol or tropical oils.
  • Meets the US Coast Guard standards (160.046/23/0).  Its new modern packaging even meets the stringent guidelines set by the Department of Defense (SOLAS 74/83).
  • Kosher and it meets the dictates for Halal.
  • Made in the USA


Mainstayfood rations are great because they serve as an excellent high quality and nutritious emergency survival food, last a long time (5 year shelf life), and actually do taste good.



There’s tons of emergency and survival food out on the market.  What people need to realize is that survival food is meant primarily for- SURVIVAL!  While taste was a factor in choosing Mainstayover other brands on the market, the bottom line is people will eat leather, or even other people, when it comes down to an outright survival situation.  I stress this because I know what it is like to be without food and water for several days.  Some of you reading this may, too.  I think it is a bit silly that people expect survival food to taste like gourmet food.  What you want is a high quality, long lasting, caloric rich food source to get you through a bad situation.  This is what Mainstay™ is.  And if it happens to taste good, too, great!

You need to get some, just in case you actually need it one day. 

I believe everyone should have an emergency and survival stash, and in it should be a high quality food ration like Mainstay™.



We’re working on offering you complete survival/emergency and medical kits.  But, we’re picky.  The market is full of survival kits and gear that we just don’t believe is very practical, or is so over-the-top that it would make the average person’s head spin if they actually had to try to break it open during a no-shit survival situation.

We’ll keep you informed to new stuff coming!

Thanks all-


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