Mountain America Jerky: Small Batch Gourmet Jerky- 03/31/12

One of the first items I wanted to include in our product line at Stateside Man Goods  (particularly for our specialty care packages to the troops) was a very high quality Beef Jerky.  Jerky, to include Buffalo and other wild game, is something most people love- especially guys.  And most definitely those in uniform serving far from home and good food.

My goal was to find a select few brands of gourmet jerky that was NOT your average store bought kind.  We’ve accomplished this with our fantastic line of jerky products at Stateside Man Goods.  Our great customers, including service members who have received our donated care packages filled with premium jerky, can attest to that!

Mountain America Jerky makes some of the best jerky available- anywhere.  If you haven’t tried Mountain America Jerky, you’re truly missing out- and here’s why…


Mountain America Jerky has been selling Gourmet jerky products since 1997. They specialize in beef jerky, game meat and exotic jerky.  Mountain America Jerky is a small company that smokes their products on a daily basis.  They do not store or warehouse their jerky products.  They use a totally handmade, small batch process; from slicing, to marinade, to the smoker and packaging.

And believe me, you can taste the difference!

Chuck Watson, purveyor of Mountain America Jerky, next to the Jerky smokehouse.


  • Made without preservatives, MSG, nitrates, hormones, or steroids
  • Handmade small batch process to ensure products are wholesome and fresh
  • High in protein
  • Beef comes from the USA- Colorado
  • USDA/FDA approved



“This was some of the best beef jerky I’ve had. Flavor and texture were outstanding. Great job!”

Spicy Buffalo Jerky

“The stuff they sell at the convenience store counter doesn’t have a right to be called jerky!  Once I tried Mountain America I was hooked. It’s absolutely delicious (addictive), and healthy to boot – really low in saturated fat and cholesterol, almost pure protein (I usually go for Elk or Buffalo)”

“My wife and I tried our first piece of Mountain America Jerky yesterday…needless to say that by the time we found the inner strength to close the bag again, it was mostly gone!  This stuff is seriously tasty. You can tell that it’s all-natural by the way that it tastes. We tried the Garlic Black Pepper Beef Jerkyand it is amazing. What a difference from the store-bought garbage!”

Garlic Pepper Beef Jerky

“I’ve tried them all, and they are all extremely good. Although Habanero is for guys and gals like myself who love the combination of lava and beef.” – J. Skorton  

Habanero Beef Jerky- Very Hot!

“Now, when Mountain America Jerky states that their jerky is “NOT the ‘thin shoe leather’ style,” they mean it.  All of their varieties are moist yet, still maintain that jerky-like texture—amazing!  Moreover, their jerky is not bathing in preservatives and additives but is no nonsense good old fashioned and natural.” – Mariano Grinbank @, August 23, 2011

Antelope Jerky







So folks, there you have it.  Grab up some Mountain America Jerky hereHolidays & Special Occasions- you can send a gift package filled with this fantastic jerky in a custom wood crate.  It makes a great gift!  Check out the Carnivore and Carnivore Ultimate Gift Package at

Carnivore Gift Package









Carnivore Ultimate Military Care Package














Mike Lee


Stateside Man Goods, LLC.


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