Give A Little To Those Who Give A Lot- 5/1/12

And sometimes they give it all…  Yes, I’m talking about our service members in harm’s way.  It’s probably safe to say that our nation as a whole is little tired of war.  Understood.  We’ve been duking it out in more than one country for the past decade.  That being said, I’d like see if any of you are interested and willing to make a difference in how our men and women serving overseas bear out their long deployments from their loved ones.  You can help by donating as little as $10 towards a fantastic care packages to a deployed service member.

As most of you know by now, I’m a USMC veteran.  My mission in launching Stateside Man Goods was to create extraordinary military care packages for those serving abroad.  My goal was to use my experience, coupled with feedback from currently deployed personnel, to design a line of care packages that went well beyond anything presently available to our brave men and women in the military.  This, we have done.

Hercules Military Care Package

Right from the get go we also started a Round Robin list of deployed service members that were eligible to receive free premium care packages from donations we collect from people like you.

Thanks to your help, since launching less than a year ago Stateside Man Goods has sent countless donated care packages to the troops.  We’ve also grown into offering College Care Packages, Executive/Corporate Care Packages, Gift Packages for special occasions and holidays, as well as several other non-food items such as apparel, medical/survival gear, tactical pens, knives, and handmade bows and leather belts.

We enjoy growing into a strong company that offers very high quality and unique items that make great gifts for people.  But, I must say that we still get the most enjoyment from each and every FREE care package we send to a soldier, Marine, sailor, or airman serving far from home.  We know how great our products are and we know based on continuous feedback how much the troops downrange enjoy them, too.  It is amazing how just a few high quality great tasting snacks and food items can make a difference in moral.

I have the unique opportunity to still travel to the Middle East on occasions to get a closer point of view of how things are for some of our service members.  This allows us at SMG to stay tuned to what service members really want and enjoy in a care package.  It also allows us to test new products with the very individuals that will one day be on the receiving end of them.  Very few companies can claim this.

We receive names and addresses of deployed service members every week.  Yet naturally, the influx of donations to the troops, perhaps given the length that our country has been in multiple conflicts, is quite ebb and flow.  And right now, we are in need of donations.  In other words, the names on our Round Robin list are piling up and we could use your help and generosity.

Even if it’s just $10.  

Donate Today!

Whether we have the funds available or not, I personally direct our organization to keep sending out donated care packages to the troops.  Not just any care package, but an average of 15 very high quality specialty food and snack items in each and every care package.  Specialty nuts, Award Winning Beef and Buffalo Jerky, unique Snack Mixes, ultra healthy Paleo food, and more.  Our gift/care packages are guaranteed to please.

The New Paleo Plus Military Care Package

For the price of a couple of specialty coffee drinks, a fast food meal, or a nice Dominican cigar you can really help us continue to make the lives of those overseas that much better.  And trust me, sometimes just taking moral up a notch makes a world of difference to our troops.

Thank you in advance for your donation!  Please click HERE to donate right now.  And please pass on our request to others!

We know that many of you do a ton for our country and our military already.  A huge thank you for all that you do!  Although, if you can part ways with a few bucks we’d great appreciate it.  We know the men and women downrange will too!

Thank you for your support!

Mike Lee

Founder of Stateside Man Goods, LLC.

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