Busy Days- 6/5/12

I haven’t written a new blog post in several weeks, as some of you may have noticed.  Why?  Times are busy and I don’t like writing just to write.  So, I plan on keeping this post rather short and sweet and just let everyone know about a few cool things going on with Stateside Man Goods.

There has been a lot going on with us lately and there’s a lot of great stuff in the pipeline, from new products to great specials and giveaways, unfolding almost weekly.  As far as new products coming to SMG, here’s what we’re working on bringing on board:

Badass Folding Knives- including one from Spartan Blades.  Spartan Blades has been blowing up lately and has already graced the covers of several knife magazines this year.  

Gourmet Coffee- we’re looking forward to sampling gourmet coffee from Lock-N-Load Java, as we’ve heard a lot of great things about their coffee and we love the fact that it’s a veteran owned company and a huge charity supporter.

Summer Sausage- We’ll be bringing on premium summer sausage by the end of the summer.  We’re picky about the specialty snacks and foods we carry, so it takes a bit of time to find the best then sample them out to people like you for final approval. 

Barbeque- new BBQ assortments will be coming to SMG.  As some of you realize, we are just south of Kansas City, which is well known for its fantastic barbeque.  We just sampled a few new barbeque products and man we can’t wait for you to do the same.

Handcrafted bows and arrows- more are coming.  Talk about a cool gift.  Thanks to the new TV show Hunger Games, we’ve got folks buying these up for their daughters, too!

New T-shirts- from Ranger Up and Milifidel.

More Survival & Emergency stuff- we’ll be sampling 20 year shelf life emergency/survival food and we’re looking at bringing on a few more unique items perfect for the outdoor enthusiast.


One of our most popular care packages

Of course, we’ve been getting out those all important care packages to the troops, thanks to donations from patriotic Americans and a patriotic member of the Royal Dutch Airforce.  Yep, a wonderful young lady by the name of Lizzy Her of the Netherlands has donated not just one entire military care package to the troops, but TWO!  After the second donated care package was ordered I finally had to ask her why she was being so generous.  After all, it’s not often we receive donations from individuals that are not Americans, yet Lizzy has graciously donated not just a few bucks towards a specialty care package to the troops, but two entire custom care packages.  That’s incredible!  You know what she said?  “I did this because I am a kind of colleague (I serve in the Royal Dutch Airforce) and because I just like to do these kind of things.”  Well, that’s pretty damn cool.

Anyway, I forced her to cough up a picture so we could brag about how awesome she is.  The Netherlands is now my 2nd most favorite country in the world thanks to Lizzy.  Thanks again Lizzy- you rock!

Lizzy Her- Member of the Royal Dutch Airforce and generous supporter of the troops


If you’ve been following us on Facebook you know that we keep bragging about this Venison summer sausage we got our hands on.

Okay, how should I put this…  How about, “I guarantee this is the best Deer sausage you’ve ever had.  Period.”  

This #@%! is good!

We’ve been giving away this stuff to raise money for the troops and I haven’t found anyone that claims they’ve had a better Venison summer sausage.  So, keep your eyes open for our next special when we’re giving away a 1.5lb. roll of this stuff!  (at 1300 followers on our Facebook page, we’ll give a roll away to a random winner).


I’m trying to keep this short, so I’m out.  Busy days over here and we want to make sure we keep things cranking on behalf of the troops and all you awesome customers.

Thanks for your support!  Feel free to donate to the troops here.


Mike Lee

Founder, veteran

Stateside Man Goods, LLC.

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