Merry Christmas from Stateside Man Goods

Merry Christmas folks!  And God bless all you warriors serving across the pond over the holidays!

Everyone- enjoy 15% off at Stateside Man Goods until December 21st, 2013.

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New jerky flavor

One of our newest items- Sweet & Smokin BBQ Beef Jerky.  A must try if you like jerky, BBQ, meat in general, or shiny gold colored (re-sealable) bags.


Irish cutting board

  • These cutting boards are from Ireland- Cool Point #1
  • They still have bark on most of them- Cool Point #2
  • Each one comes with a special code that you use to look up the exact tree your board came from- Cool Point #3
  • These aren’t sold in a bunch of stores-  Cool Point #4
  • Use our Xmas discount and get 15% off-  Cool Point #5



Coming Soon!

An ongoing discount for all military service members, veterans, and their families.  Really?  Yes, really.

Referral program- get discounts, store credits, or some other type of cool thing for spamming your friends about us.  Wait, we mean for spreading the word about us.

Okay, that’s it for now.  We don’t want to spend all day on this.  We’re guys.  We have other stuff to do- like eat jerky and lift heavy stuff.

Happy Holidays,

Stateside Man Goods


Luxury from Down Under has come to Stateside Man Goods.


Here’s a line of luxury watches you won’t find everywhere.  But, we have them and for 1 week only- they’re 15% OFF!


Use discount code: COBBSMG to get 15% off any COBB & Co. watch, as well as free shipping.

Check out the entire line of COBB & Co. watches HERE.


COBB & Co. Wooden Watches are a new take on luxury watches.  From their extensive experience in wooden clocks, COBB & Co. has created a range of stunningly beautiful watches where finished wood is matched with stunning metals to create a unique and luxurious look.

Black Ebony Leather and Wood Watch  

Black Ebony Leather & Wood Watch

Black Ebony Leather & Wood Watch

This watch is a matte black, ebony wood, leather watch.  It has a darker dial than the rest of our watches and is a great leather watch for everyday wear.

COBB & Co. Green Sandalwood “Casual” Leather and Wood Watch

COBB & Co. Watches are the first wood watches with a chic style.  COBB & Co. Watches stand for success in difference.  The Green Sandalwood Stainless Steel and leather watch shows a jet-setter attitude.  This watch is made from Green Sandalwood, sourced from Mozambique; a brown, genuine leather strap, and a glossy stainless steel case.  Its distinctive look makes it perfect for casual gatherings and outdoor activities.

COBB & Co. Red Sandalwood “Freeman Cobb” Stainless Steel and Wood Watch

COBB & Co Watches stand for success in difference.  The Red Sandalwood Stainless Steel watch shows a jet-setter attitude.  This watch is inspired by Freeman Cobb, who found COBB & Co at the age of 23.  By all accounts he was a high energy innovator who passionately fought for high standards in the business.


Black Maple Stainless Steel & Wood Watch

This black stainless steel watch is made with Maple wood from North America.  The texture on the dial really looks stunning on this watch, and the contrast between the wood and the glossy black stainless steel is sure to draw comments.

Red Sandalwood “Freeman Cobb” Stainless Steel & Wood Watch

Red Sandalwood “Freeman Cobb” Stainless Steel & Wood Watch

COBB & Co. Ebony Leather and Wood Watch

This watch is a stainless steel, ebony leather watch.  It has a stunning contrast between the case and the wood, and its classic look and feel make it a great dress or dinner watch.


Ebony Leather & Wood Watch




COBB & Co. Ebony Gold “James Rutherford” Stainless Steel Wood Watch

This watch is a great everyday watch that’s different enough to draw comments, and stylish so that you can wear it to work.

Ebony Gold “James Rutherford” Stainless Steel Wood Watch

Ebony Gold “James Rutherford” Stainless Steel Wood Watch





Remember… 15% OFF for 1 Week Only!

10% OFF Thanksgiving Special & 2013 Holiday Gift Guide from Stateside Man Goods


Like us on Facebook to receive up to date bragging from us/about us (our products actually), including Specials/Discounts (what people really want us to talk about).  Speaking of discounts- enjoy 10% off at now through Thanksgiving.  Use Discount Code: SMGTHANKS.  We’re very thankful you’ve helped us grow!

Now with that out of the way… Happy Holidays!  This year blew by, but now it’s time to start buying XMas gifts for people (even for those you don’t like that much), and that’s where we come in.  Here’s our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide featuring a selection of our newest, most popular, most unique products that we feel will make great gifts for those special people in your life.

Military Care Packages- of course a lot of you folks realize that we offer Premium Military Care Packages filled with gourmet Award Winning snacks.  But, does that service member you know deployed overseas know this?  One way to make sure he/she does is to send one of our specialty care packages in time for the holidays!  Click here to see our full line of awesome care packages, or design one yourself.

Featured: Paleo Military Care Package- healthy, delicious, packed full of what our warriors need (and want), this is a must buy.

Paleo Military Care Package

Paleo Military Care Package

College Care Packages- Why not spoil your college student just in time for finals?  We have the perfect snacks- convenient, on-the-go, healthy, and delicious.  Get some brain food here.

Featured: Covering All Bases College Care Package- with gourmet products ranging from sweet to healthy, we’ve “covered all the bases” with this hit care package.  Don’t forget, you can choose to have it sent in a rugged burlap sack or no display at all.

Covering All Bases College Care Package

Covering All Bases College Care Package

Corporate Gift Packages- Need a raise?  We have the answer.  Want to spoil your clients?  We’ll take care of you.  Stateside Man Goods works with a number of organizations to custom design the ideal Corporate Gift Assortment based on their desires and price point.  Call or email us today to see what we can do for you.  Meanwhile, check out these awesome Corporate/Executive Gift Packages.

Featured: The Director Executive Gift Package- a perfect mix of nuts and meat.  Not your average wine and cheese basket…

The Director Executive Gift Package

The Director Executive Gift Package

Unique Gifts

It’s important to us to bring you gifts that don’t suck.  In other words, we don’t stock our shelves with boring stuff that can be found just about anywhere.  So, we’ve researched and got our hands on several new products with all this in mind.  Here’s a few of them:

COBB & Co. Watches- These are really cool luxury watches from Australia.  Best part- we’re working hand in hand with COBB & Co. to provide all of you a special discount on their line of watches beginning next week.  Like us on Facebook in order to receive the special Discount Code!

Featured: COBB & Co. Ebony Gold “James Rutherford” Stainless Steel Wood Watch- This watch is a great everyday watch that’s different enough to draw comments, and stylish so that you can wear it to work.


Bunbury Cutting Boards- Wow, we’re not sure we would even use one of these unique looking cutting boards.  They just look too cool.  After all, how many cutting boards have you seen with the bark still on them?  But that’s not all.  Each one comes with a special code that allows you to go online to read all about the exact tree that each board came from.

Featured: Waney Edge Bunbury Cutting Board- The most rustic and eye catching of all Bunbury boards, a perfect accessory for a dinner party.  waney_medium

Grooming- We didn’t mean to, but we now have a ton of awesome, well… soap.  Yep, somehow we kept coming across a bunch of different types of unique soap, and then kept buying them up.  Whether you want one that smells like beer or a lap dance, is shaped like a grenade, old fashion soap that people have sworn by for decades, or soap that a Mountain Man would use, we’ve got a bar for you.

Featured: Super Stout Handmade Cold Process Beer Soap- Yes, beer!  Surprisingly good for your skin, this is made with a microbrewed winter ale.  Unfortunately, you won’t smell like beer when using this bar.  It has notes of rich chocolate, oatmeal, almonds, and a hint of bitter hops.  A great gift for the beer lover!


Handcrafted- besides handmade bows & arrows (yep- think the show Hunger Games) and leather belts (the Amish make cool stuff- everyone knows that), we now have Bison Leather Beer Koozies, a really cool Camano Coffee Mill, and a sweet looking Pepper Grinder.


Camano Coffee Mill

Featured: Camano Coffee Mill- a unique manual coffee grinder. A simple design, the beauty lies in its functionality and care in construction.

Other Stuff- check out our Vintage Styled Flag Prints, a new Rare Beer of the Month Club, leather Spyglasses (yeah, they’re cooler than regular binoculars) and more.


Last, tis the season for giving.  We’re all war weary, but if you can find it in your heart to donate as little as the cost of a cup of foo foo coffee, we’d appreciate it.  We send free care packages to our deployed warriors as a result of donations from generous people like yourself.  Click here to donate.

Thank you!

The Stateside Man Goods Team

Deep River Snacks- More Than Just a Bag of Chips


“WE GIVE A CHIP so you can ‘Enjoy Life Naturally’.”

Deep River Snacks is more than just a bag of chips. They pride themselves in doing right in everything they do.  This is one reason Stateside Man Goods (SMG) is proud to carry their awesome Kettle Cooked Potato Chips.  At SMG, we know there are plenty of chips for you to choose from.  But, in order to make it into our product line, you have to be more than just a good tasting chip.  Here’s why Deep River made the cut easily.

Deep River makes chips that are all natural with tons of flavor- something you shouldn’t have to sacrifice when you’re buying a great snack. That’s why their snacks are only made from all natural ingredients. There are no dyes, no preservatives, no trans-fat, and yet these chips still have amazing flavor!  Also, Deep River is committed to only making snacks that are “certified” gluten-free.


Deep River believes in keeping the American economy growing, ensuring that they all the ingredients in their products are “Made in the USA”.  Due to their rock solid principles, they’ve forgone the opportunity to save thousands of dollars by purchasing snack racks overseas.

Good on ya Deep River.

And if making great tasting, all natural, gluten & preservative free chips, in the USA, wasn’t cool enough, Deep River gives back in huge ways.  Here are just a few charities that Deep River works with and give towards:  PSC Partners Seeking a Cure, American Liver Foundation, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, Autism Speaks, Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, Chris Klug Foundation, and buildOn.

Now, that’s real cool.

So folks, the next time you’re thinking about eating some chips, think about Deep River.  They’re much more than just a simple chip manufacturer.

Mesquite BBQ

Try Deep River Kettle Cooked chips here.







This is Mike Lee, founder of Stateside Man Goods, telling you to Keep Snackn’!


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